Monday, 29 July 2013

Sinful Sunday week 120 July 27th 2013 - Underwear


I continue to struggle with schizoaffective disorder/claire sentience. The voices are under......where?
under me, under you, under the couch even in my cootch!
I went a whole year without underwear- now I have over 100 pairs (over compensation) but I still love being nude.
For awhile I assigned each voice a color, which transferred over to those 100 pairs of underwear. Was each of them a pair of underwear? I wear the voices like underwear but I can't tell who is over and who is under. Where or where are my underwear and who WHO is my underwear?
My ex says I should keep my underwear on to avoid getting violated by the voices but I have a right to be without my underwear. After all- who is REALLY under my underwear?

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Cheeky Boy Rocks Off Prostate toy Video Review

Toy: Cheeky Boy
Manufacturer: Rocks Off
Type: Prostate/G-spot Massager & 80mm bullet
Material: Silicone, Plastic
Powered by: 1 AAA battery
Strength: 3/5
Noise: 1.5/5
Function: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Price $$-$$$(depending on retailer)

notes: fantastic for masturbation or use while giving felatio. Removeable bullet makes for easy sterilization of dildo. Bullet hole is right size for We-Vibe Salsa/Tango if you need stronger vibrations.
Comes in other shapes/sizes

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sinful Sunday July 20th 2013

Vanilla says Ouch!!

One last (I think) post from my shoot last Xmas 40lbs heavier - I'm 36 and I LUVED having boobs that looked 18 but I really can't handle nipple clamps and these aren't even clovers!

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

TMI Tuesday July 16th/2013

TMI Tuesday: July 16, 2013

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions are about important choices we have to make in life, and writing your own TMI questions. Join me in playing . . .

(WYR part 1 was here)

1. Would you rather be smart or awesome? Why?

I think it depends on what you mean by awesome. Personally I would have to say awesome because my idea of an awesome person includes the quality of using ones brains to the best (or at least making a damn good effort) of ones ability. Smart can mean all sorts of things as well. Although I grew up quite intelligent I made a whole lot of stupid mistakes/choices including using a lot of addictive substances that 'dummied' me up- unfortunately permanently. I may not be as smart as I once was but I'm a whole lot more awesome in recovery and I appreciate what brains I do have a lot more. 

2. Would you rather french kiss a cat or pleasure a frog?


Now this all depends in the reaction of the animal. The issue of consent and how wrong beastiality is aside, if we are talking strictly physical and not emotional- I would have to say French kiss a cat. I get licked by my cats all the time but pleasure a frog? That involves genitalia right? And not of a French man?nope.

3. Would you rather live the rest of your life with Darth Vader’s voice or Alvin the Chipmunk’s voice?

Hard one. I'm leaning towards Darth Vader  because I have such a strong aversion to age play, but then again Victoria Jackson seems to get by just fine lol

4. Would you rather sail the Caribbean on a week long FREE cruise with the ship’s crew and 20 five-year-old children or shovel coal in a coal mine for a month?

Really? Do people really hate kids this much? Of course I would rather the cruise. Do you have any idea what a coal mine is like? How dirty and dark and dank and dangerous? Where's the fun in that? Kids in large doses may be annoying and I'd have to leave my toys at home but still its FREE people! Its the CARIBBEAN people! It's a  CRUISE people!

5. Would you rather make an obscene phone call to your mother once a week or get a text message from your father every time he’s horny? Why?

Hands down obscene phone call to my mother . Especially because after the first couple she'd be ready and hang up anyway. I guess mainly because my mom and I are both females and she's been discussing sexuality with me (appropriately of course) my entire life, whereas even though my father and I were closer than her and I were, I kept all details of my sex life and my gynaecology  to myself. Even though my dad and step mom were quite affectionate I look at my memories of my dad and absolutely none of them include him being horny to my awareness. I would be hurt and sad before revolted and disgusted - although I would be those as well if I were to receive horny text messages from him. Call me a wimp but I can handle pudding my mom off over inappropriate intimacy anyday

6. Would you rather have dinner with all your exes at once or with five guys on death row having their last meal?

All my exes at once would be way more fun- there's only one that I can forsee aggression with the others would be a risk with and man would I ever LUV the attention! 5 guys on death row could be very interesting depending on their crimes and attitudes, although I'd have a hard time justifying me being there lol much easier with the exes- much lighter but I'm the type of woman that stays friends with her exes. The only one I have any issue with is the one I still carry a torch for and I'm sure that I'd be so damn nervous, trying not to cry, pee my pants or cream them; I'd be happy just to have the distraction and excuses of the presence of the others.

Bonus: Write one unique question for possible use in a future TMI Tuesday, and submit it as your bonus answer for this week.

"What do you consider taboo and have you ever ventured into this territory ? Was it a great,good,bad or horrific experience?"


Toy With Me Tuesday July 16/13

My first Toy With Me Tuesday post - and a little outside my norm since vibes and harnesses are generally my preferred objects of affection.
I bought this "Big Ass Vibrating Pussy" from Pipedream for a friend who incorporates vulva and lingham massage into her bodywork practice.
I liked that the pussy is in actuality a novelty so treating it as one doesn't get me slapped or hurt anyone's feelings. I absolutely loved penetrating this with a Vixskin packer.
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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Rodeoh Boxer Brief Harness Review- I LUV PEGGING!!

 But seriously when Edenfantasys still had a video assignment program this was one of my first ones. Lucky me! Rodeoh is an awesome company that makes briefs, panties and boxer briefs to hold our dildos. This harness is so sexy to me that I wore these all day, under my jeans just to show off! Yes, they were that comfortable, but it's a waste not to use them for their intended purpose; whether you are pegging or using them with another female, rodeoH makes the most comfortable verasatile harness I've found with a ton of room under the O-ring to hold your favorite clitoral vibe.

Please watch my vid below or click here to read the rest of the review on Edenfantasys

Manufacturer: rodeoH

Product: Boxer Briefs Harness

Type: Dildo Harness

Material: Cotton/Elastane

Price: $$ (around $50)

Size: 24"-42"

Quality *****

Function ****

Over-all ****


This product was provided to me free of charge from in exchange for an unbiased review.

Sinful Sunday Week 112- This One is Mine

Another installment from my intro to pegging last fall. This is one of my favs due to the size and color- a sportsheets sedeux flare. I LUV this pic because I'm am reclining and holding my new cock- no owning my new cock and I feel a new kind of confidence- a masculine kind of confidence. Once again, not penis envy but cock curiousity- SATISFIED!!!

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Donate to Dildology: Toxic Toys No MORE!!!
 "So what exactly are these things I've been putting in my most precious of regions made of?" you ask. When it comes to partners these days, most of us (women especially) are meticulous about cleanliness and safety. I cringe when I see porn without condoms. Me? I may be a dirty girl - I'm known to wash my crotch several times a day in lew of a shower, but I always put condoms over my toys - even my silicone toys . I'm going to assume that you aren't versed in sex toy material safety a la the edenfantasys safety scale. I started my sex toy education in an adult retail brick and mortar a couple of years ago. Before that the only real toys I had owned were the simple hard plastic dial base kind of various sizes. One of the first things that they taught me was that silicone was better and that phalates (which apparantly 'used to be' in jelly toys ) were bad. It took me awhile to understand that 'silicon' without an e was not 'silicone' and even longer to get why some packages were not labeled at all.  It wasn't until after I got laid off  and begun reviewing for Edenfantasys that I learned the specifics about material safety. I thought that porosity was all that mattered and that it was all about avoiding the spread of STIs. Many many bladder infections later I finally clued in that bacteria was making its way from my anus into my vagina and infecting my urethra. Instantly all of those recurring yeast infections made sense as well. 
I am an average reviewer among those of us that write a thorough written review, but if I do say do myself I excel in video reviews (lol they WILL eventually make it onto this blog I guarantee it!!!) and became so used to the spiel about silicone (latex and phthalates free, hypoallergenic blah blah blah) that I begin to sound like a spokesperson. 

Once I discovered blogs like that of Dangerous Lilly I read about the flame test. Basically, the premise is (or was) that silicone - the elite material that we want all of our toys made of (other than glass/ceramic/treated wood or steel) does not burn when it comprises 100% of a productduct. Silicone blends- which is what we are trying to catch along with blatant substitutes, melt and burst into flame whereas pure silicone simply leaves a bit of ash but remains otherwise unharmed even after prolonged exposure to flame. For a long time we felt that this was a fail safe. I even caught a few so called 'silicone' products from cal ex (like the 'silicone island cock rings') that I applied this test to myself that failed miserably- cooking just like plastic, although it was obvious to me just from looking at the cock rings that they weren't silicone. This isnt always the case. Silicone comes in all different textures and opacities and since we have zero- yes you read right ZERO regulations on sex toys and packaging there's not a lot we can do to ensure that we are safe. The other crap that ends up in toys has 2 main results #1 a permeable toy that sucks up bacteria, encourages transmission of present STIs and transfers fungus. #2 TOXICITY!!!! can you believe that pthalates are carcinogenic, cause birth defects and more immediately rashes, burning and irritation? It is not just you! You don't need an allergy to be affected and even if you did, you should be able to rely on a product that goes inside of your body to be safe. Well the thing is, most sex toy manufacturers and in turn consumers, cannot afford all the time or money it would take to pass stringent tests to be FDA approved medical devices- so our beloved dildos and vibes end up classified as novelties. Novelty to me means a product that is not made for any serious purpose- just for fun, has no real use. Novelty to the law makers means 'we cannot be responsible for this if you put in anywhere inside of you'. So um, just buy it show it to your friends and all have a good laugh at the silly penis shaped $150 object? Well besides the fact that I take my orgasms very seriously and they definitely come from things I stick inside my body, I do not laugh when my crotch burns.  I must admit that though once upon a time I was fond of brush handles and candle sticks, I now absolutley love my Tantus and my We-vibes and my Fun Factorys (speaking of Fun Factory, my beloved Ocean has finally rid herself after 6 months of the bled dye she picked up from a Cal Ex Lia vibe resting on her overnight). Companies such as these are generally regarded as safe, but how can we be sure? After all, until the early-mid 2000's we were devouring jelly toys FULL of cancer causing, allergy inducing phthalates as fast as we could scream "OH GOD DOC JOHNSON YOU ARE THE KING!!!!" 
Well........Join the original sex toy reviewer/blogger obsessed with making the sex toy industry accountable, Dangerous Lilly, along with Crista Ann and XVO on a brand new, non-profit organization dedicated to acquiring random samples of sex toys from manufacturers worldwide and putting them through actual proper laboratory tests to determine their exact chemical make-up.

from their website: 
 "We will:
  • accept monetary donations.
  • accept product donations from third-party retail stores and wholesalers.
  • purchase products from third-party retail stores.
  • choose products to test based on community feedback.
  • send products to accredited labs for testing.
  • compare the material composition of products to the manufacturers’ claims.
  • share the results of lab tests with manufacturers.
  • record the results of the lab tests in our wiki.
  • make our wiki available to the public.
  • provide other educational resources to the public.

We will not:

  • accept product donations directly from manufacturers.
  • test second-hand products – only those acquired directly from retail stores and wholesalers.
  • test any product manufactured more than one year ago.
  • publish opinions about products or manufacturers – only facts.
  • falsify data, for any reason.
  • suppress or fail to publish the results of any test."
So I guess by now you understand that I am trying to help Dildolgy raise money- One of the main purposes of my blog is to help people make informed decisions to buy the best and most appropriate  accessories for their sex lives (and of course to share my juicy Tales from The Trade) well this is a continuation of that and a way for you to join in our sex toy revolution. Dildology has some great incentives for your donations including coupon codes, stickers, t-shirts and recognition- hell if you are rich and generous enough you may even get to see them naked!!! The full list of incentives can be found here .
I believe that not mentioned on that page, but still being offered is a special package directly from Dangerous Lilly herself for a personal consultation.
I apologise for this late post- I'm still struggling with tech stuff- teaching myself as I go but now I can sleep more soundly knowing I've contributed to this great cause- now onto parabens and glycerin.......

please read other bloggers posts on Dildology/toxic toys here

Monday, 27 May 2013

Sinful Sunday week 111

Sinful SundayMy first Sinful Sunday submission 
Untitled tittilation 
I had this pic taken last fall when I was 30lbs heavier and bragging about how my boobs looked half my age. My smirk is due to finally being able to satisfy what I call 'cock curiousity' with the strap on between my legs. This was my real intro to pegging- I made it look obviously aged because of how much time seems to have passed since then and how aged I feel now that my chest has deflated back to an A cup.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Okay so a big thankyou to the group of you who have been following this fledgling blog as it does its best to drag itself along and have enough confidence to keep going and keep trying despite all of the set backs. THINGS ARE TURNING AROUND!!!!
I have found someone that I work really well with that is helping me actually be productive!! My own domain ( has been purchased for 4 years and hosting is setup etc etc! Looks like realistically this should be a decent site in the near future!
I am so frickin excited. This time I'm keeping it fairly simple- no promises of 10 reviews on day 1 and 20 different pages- that's what got me nowhere last time, biting off more than I could chew. It will debut with a written and videos reviews section, sales and giveaways, my toy box and TFTT. Then I will begin some serious networking and prove that I really am a great  reviewer and decent writer. I have around 250 toys and a sex life that is active daily so lets get to it!!!
Thanx again for sticking around everyone and don't forget the Spicy Subcriptions giveaway one post back! Thought I'd add a spicy shot just for fun!- Julie with dreamgirl lingerie, sportsheets corset harness and sportsheets sedeux flare dildo 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Spicy Subscriptions is Running an Awesome Giveaway!

There are several 'sex toy box of the month' subscription services and considering that the adult product industry is pretty much divided into three groups (luxury, decent and complete useless maybe even dangerous crap) you are not likely going to get a good deal with most of them. In fact I can see a whole lot of waste in some of those boxes.

Well after watching several videos from Spicy Subscriptions on their Pinterest Page I have decided that these particular ones are comprised of some pretty great stuff. In fact I didn't see anything that would go straight in the garbage!

I love the idea of samples and I always found they were a bit expensive to buy (a clitoral gel sample in a brick and mortar is over $5). When I added up what I know the items I saw cost I got a number higher than the box total before I had even finished adding. Add this to my opinion that their buyer must have quite good product knowledge and the surprise factor and you have a pretty good investment! Certainly would make a fabulous gift and takes the guess work out if you are new to adult products.

Want to know more about Spicy Subscriptions- their products, box choices, shipping etc? Check out the FAQ

The Awesome Deal

This month Spicy Subscriptions is running on a contest and giveaway. The contest is for the bloggers and other people who collect the most Rafflecopter entries. We can win boxes and products!!

The giveaway is for anyone who likes their Facebook page and follows them on twitter and Pinterest. You can win a three month Deluxe Box Subscription- the first of which is 50 Shades Of Grey themed.

To Enter

Just follow the link below and click follow a few times! Couldn't be easier! Entries are only open till thurs the 23rd of May.

Click Here For Spicey Subscriptions Prizes!

By the way, you need to 'like' their Facebook page here !

BONUS: codes for Spicey Subscriptions merchandise:
  • "10off" on all monthly subscriptions (10% off first box)
  • "get1499" for Premium 4 month subscription ($14.99 for first box)
  • "get1999" for Deluxe 4 month subscription ($19.99 for first box)
These are limited time only and will be on until 48 hours after the give-away. 

Good luck everyone and don't forget to follow me too!!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dildology- making the sex toy industry accountable and update

Hi everyone! I wanted to update you on what's happening with my site. Edenfantasys is undergoing some major changes and I'm honestly unsure as to whether the video program will even still be in existence. Either way I will still be turning this into a predominantly video based review site (as well as my tales from the trade stories). The reason it has taken so long (other than my insanely bad habit of procrastinating) is because I have had major tech issues. I finally found the right person to help and we are returning to my own domain. In the meantime I have the privilege of participating in Dangerous Lilly's fundraiser blog hop for 30 bloggers are writing posts on their experiences and/or knowledge of toxic toys and lack of regulations in the sex toy industry in order to raise money to help make the sex toy industry accountable. Dildology is a non affiliated, unbiased, grass roots • organization  that has begun testing questionable sex toys in order to prove just exactly what they are made of. This takes $$- even small donations will help and you can even receive incentives like t-shirts and discount codes!!!
My post goes up on May 27th. Until then you can find the list of links to other posts from participating bloggers at
Below is what I know is not a silicone product - yet is advertised on every website I've found the cockrings in question on as "Silicone Island Cock Rings". Come read my story about it on May 27th!! And thankyou for all being patient with how long it has taken me to get this site going- not there yet but your support helps greatly! 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday: May 7, 2013
This week’s TMI Tuesday celebrates one of my favorite hobbies…masturbation.
Masturbation Month 2013

1. My favorite place to masturbate is _

My bed. Boring I know, but true cause that's where all the toys are!!

2. Have you ever masturbated in public? What were the circumstances?

Yes sad but funny. Years ago I was homeless and working the street. Part of sex work on the street is not making yourself more vulnerable by having orgasms at work, so I spent a lot of time telling my body that it wasn't allowed to enjoy itself, needless to say my mind didn't enjoy any of it. Anyway, long story short, after days (I rarely slept) of sex I couldn't enjoy and an over active limbic system I would find myself seriously horny and if the one person I trusted- my boyfriend at the time, wasn't around I did what needed to be done- quickly ducked into an alley, pulled down my pants and furiously frigged. Honestly it took about 15 seconds to get relief! Good times! Lol

3. Do you like mutual masturbation? Why?

Hell ya! Can I say I do it for a living? I even wrote an article online about it because I wanted to promote it as an alternative to intercourse. Whether you and/or your partner are a virgin or you are on your period or have other reasons for not wanting penetration, or are looking for variety , I think it's damn sexy and super fun. Both partners get a chance to see exactly what each other likes- which is especially handy when no matter what technique or speed you use your SO has a habit of answering "just like that, you are doing great". Others have expressed that they find mm more intimate than other acts- which I get if you are shy about masturbating but I love it.

4. When was the last time you masturbated?

This morning

5. Have you ever masturbated on camera?


6. Do you like to watch people masturbate?

YES!!!! as long as they enjoy being watched of course.

Bonus: Have you filmed yourself masturbating? Care to share that film via a link?

Yes not sure if this is a different question than the camera one but I'm not ready to share it by link, not without some level of anonymity more than my middle name (Sangsara)

Do you want to become part of TMI Tuesday? Do so or at least read more of the entries at

Sunday, 7 April 2013

OMG no longer just bisexual- joined the ranks of the polyexperienced!!!

WOW!!! so I have this client who absolutely loves pegging. When we first met I walked in with a few toys, max size 6" as most of the guys who contact me are just beginning to try new things- It's part of why I love my job, because I get to see that same face I saw with 3 guys in high school- the look of lost virginity and pure bliss!!!! Anyway I walked in and there were around 6 dildos and a harness on a towel on the bed. They ranged from 5x4 to get this- a 10x5 and a 8x6.5!!!! Guy can take serious bone!!!! We have fun together and have such a good rapport that we spend time together just hanging out. Well this weekend he helped me fulfill one of my few fantasies ( I'm too much of a realist for fantasizing but I'm learning- more on this soon involving a certain old flame), that of a threesome with a transgendered person. I def have desires for sex with transmen and transwomen, which is where the term "polysexual" comes in. For those of you new to this terminology please read this awesome article on Sexis by Freud13 called a-cliff-notes-guide-to LGBT terms.
Okay well this woman whom we will call X and my client D arranged a meeting. My sloppy self gets ready and as usual arrives 15 minutes late. It was one of the nicest hotels in town and this woman has rates that match mine?! Anyway as soon as we walked in I knew she was a true professional. Within minutes she was making out with D. I instantly felt underdressed, I mean I was in jeans and a hoodie with a messy knot of hair on top of my head and this woman was dressed to the 9s in spike heels and a skin tight dress, perfume, hair and makeup impeccable, lighting,music the whole bit. I admit I was intimidated- not by her gender identity but simply by her professionalism. On one hand it was impressive and on the other a hindrance to my comfort level. I excused myself and went to the bathroom to freshen up as a nervous layer of sweat trickled across my back. A few minutes later I realized that D was nervous too when I heard him call out to ask if I was changing. I took it as a "Hey get back out here and help me" that he later confirmed.
Out of the bathroom I came in my fav trashy lingerie peek-a-boobies cupless chemise from Leg Avenue and some cuban stockings to go with. I still felt sweaty and out of place but then I| remembered that this was all for my client and that since it was her show she was in charge, by then I relaxed.
This woman had an amazing body, she was waxed from eyebrows to toes without a hair left behind and had THE nicest, softest, creamy, tanned skin I have ever felt.Because of my style of lingerie, boobs easily became the focus and we compared hers to mine with our tongues. Mine for once were not the firmest in the comparison as she had just had them done a few weeks prior. Turned out we both have sensitive nipples. I asked her not to bite mine but she did it anyway.That was the first time that I slightly noticed her dark side or her Dominatrix personality. X also has a dungeon and does offer services to submissives that are interested. Listening to her I'm sure she does quite well but I thought it may have been wise to find out if D and I were actually into a power shift or got off on being dominated to the extent that she let loose on us.

Touching her was incredible but we both became self conscious when we realized that she had a better body than me (except the boobs of course) and was more well hung than D.. With each others reassurance we got through the hour and accomplished oral sex - given and received by all off us to all of us.
WoW she was incredible with her mouth on my clit for a good 15 minutes so that I achieved those baby orgasms, one after another but not full blown. I gave them both oral attention but what else is new? D got to give his very first  blow job and I got to watch! I grabbed a Cal Ex Couture Inspire
and worked a powerful climax out as I saw her masculinity shine through for the first time (other than her big cock of course) as she thrust herself in and out of his mouth. Yup, just like an annoying man- paying or not she did the head grab, slam her cock down your throat as you gag thing, which I know the occasional woman does enjoy- especially in BDSM circles but if my boundary against it is not respected I have been known to end the blow job and maybe the whole session. For a first blow job- a head slammer none the less he did surprisingly well. I had to giggle when I caught  her dirty talk "Ya I'm going to put an ad on Craigslist, guys will be lining up around the block to see you in my dungeon boy- $20 a pop they'll pay to fuck your hungry mouth" $20????!!! Come on give the guy more than that!
After that we all took turns with penetration- his male with a penis, hers female with a penis and mine female with a fake penis (aka a strap on) and I must say that although she was a bit rough after I assertively expressed that I don't like em big and I don't like em harsh, she still was quite an experience. I will definitely be looking for more opportunities like this in the future and am just as open as ever to sex with transwomen and transmen in my personal life.
A nite well spent!

authors note- sorry for the quick ending but I found this post from a few months ago unfinished and found it too important to not go published, nor was I willing to adlib details that aren't fresh in my mind.

My own complicated domain and site designed by someone else or something simple here?

Hi guys! So I own over 120 sex toys and as you know am an escort/sex toy reviewer. I have seriously been slacking in the writing department because my life has been chaos (and so has my schizophrenia) well with the changes to the Edenfantasys review program and no more free shipping to Canada comes some serious incentive to GET MY ASS IN GEAR and save the interested sponsors I have in Canada. I will stay on Eden because I have many toys to still review, they have been very good to me in the past 1.5 years and they pay me well for my vids which I am also allowed to post on my blog. The question is do I just start posting my reviews here and leave my own domain for later or do I try to continue with my overachiever  attempts to build my super duper perfect Sanctuary? I say stay here for now and worry about the amazing site  I actually have more to show than 30 vids and 32 written reviews on Edenfantasys?
Also, I thought that for my sponsors sakes and those of the somewhat unadventurous (to put it mildly) middle class that may be reading my reviews, I should separate the "Tales From the Trade" section into its own subdomain or separate site. The feedback I have gotten so far is that this section is what makes my site (if I can even call it that so far) different from others and therefore interesting. Please for the few of you reading this- let me know- do the existence of prostitution laws (they are quite different here in Canada) affect and/or upset you enough that you won't read my reviews or be interested in my sponsors sites? Do you think others will be that strongly affected?
I am serious this time! Blog writing at least a few times a week (I started to write everyday then got realistic) so please let me know!!!