Sunday, 2 June 2013

Rodeoh Boxer Brief Harness Review- I LUV PEGGING!!

 But seriously when Edenfantasys still had a video assignment program this was one of my first ones. Lucky me! Rodeoh is an awesome company that makes briefs, panties and boxer briefs to hold our dildos. This harness is so sexy to me that I wore these all day, under my jeans just to show off! Yes, they were that comfortable, but it's a waste not to use them for their intended purpose; whether you are pegging or using them with another female, rodeoH makes the most comfortable verasatile harness I've found with a ton of room under the O-ring to hold your favorite clitoral vibe.

Please watch my vid below or click here to read the rest of the review on Edenfantasys

Manufacturer: rodeoH

Product: Boxer Briefs Harness

Type: Dildo Harness

Material: Cotton/Elastane

Price: $$ (around $50)

Size: 24"-42"

Quality *****

Function ****

Over-all ****


This product was provided to me free of charge from in exchange for an unbiased review.

Sinful Sunday Week 112- This One is Mine

Another installment from my intro to pegging last fall. This is one of my favs due to the size and color- a sportsheets sedeux flare. I LUV this pic because I'm am reclining and holding my new cock- no owning my new cock and I feel a new kind of confidence- a masculine kind of confidence. Once again, not penis envy but cock curiousity- SATISFIED!!!

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