Friday, 30 November 2012

This blog is getting an OVERHAUL!!!

I gotta laugh at myself that I've been procrastinating like crazy about turning this blog into something that I work on every day but it really is important to me and I really do have big plans!! First of all, since its primarily supposed to be a review site I AM going to I ally post some reviews! Until them remember that you can see my other 23 reviews on and I also have over 30 video reviews there. I've decided that my blog is going to feature video reviews for most of the items I post. People have told me that due to ADHD or dyslexia or just plain crappy eyesight that they prefer my videos over written reviews and since acting is such an important part of my life, public speaking is the next best thing and vlogging is the closest I can get. My main obstacle right now besides the procrastination monster, is my lack of tech skills, so the folks at are helping me out setting me up with a Wordpress site called it's going to be awesome!!!! It will also turn 'life as an STW' into"tales of the trade" which is going to spin off into something I am even more excited about!

Miss Lillie Lovely from Edenfantasys and I are starting a website called 'Tales from the Trade'
It will be a place for working girls and guys from at least all over North America, if not the entire globe, to come together, network and share their stories for support, laughter, safety and education. We are talking cam girls/guys to strippers to porn stars to escorts to street girls and any other corners of the sex trade. Together with agencies that help working girls/guys across the continent we can provide what our society does not. We will have a 1-800 number, run by volunteers who have been or are members of the sex trade, sort of like a crisis line for when we need to talk to someone who gets where we're coming from or for emergencies. Even more exciting is joining with a UK based company who has produced a safety app called "Stay Safe". This app is downloadable for your android or iPhone and is perfect for the needs of anyone involved in any risky work of a sexual nature. Really it has many uses, but we are thinking that it is perfect for outcalls. You set a timer when you arrive at your destination. When the timer goes off you must enter a code. If you don't enter a code or you enter your duress code the service will send a message to your pre-set contacts containing any info you may have entered into your phone at the beginning of your appointment plus your exact location by GPS. This way it is up to your friends, family etc whether to attempt to assist you themselves, or to contact authorities. It's an amazing technology and will eventually be able to turn the camera on the phone on to gather evidence. Of course we nor the company who has produced the app are liable for any damages as we are going to be there to help make things safer for STWs, not as something to absolutely rely on. That said, I think that this is going to help make our profession much safer especially for STWs such as Americans outside of Nevada that currently run the risk of getting arrested from reporting a rape when prostitution is involved. YAY!!!
Please anyone who wants to get involved at any level please contact me or LillieLovely  on Eden.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

First weekend in November....

  Wow so many new experiences!

So I've been doing more STW work lately and have had some very new experiences- some good, some not so good and one coming up that I am more excited than I have been in years! I wanted to get a bunch of reviews up first but then I realized I should get this down on paper,so to speak. Tomorrow I'm doing a trade - my services for web design/blog tutorial, which as you may have noticed I urgently need. Until then let me fill you in......
  1. Part 2 of my first blow job:  I got paid to watch my client give his first real blow job ( I got paid by BOTH guys!) I couldn't help but question why!!! I swear watching him savour the taste was awesomer than doing it myself. I am def a voyeur if those I am watching are luvin every minute of it and wanting to share it. Otherwise I can't handle watching private acts. I have to be invited and I LOVED this invitation. 
  2. Next: my usual hour and a half oral apt lasted 20 min and I still got paid in full. Plus he obviously had his best orgasm with me yet. Funny what happens once I know a client well enough to do my job right! Seriously it feels so good to know that your clients feel they really are getting their money's worth.
  3. Then: I have a new working partner lets call her 'K'.'K' was supposed to join me and a new regular for a hot double pegging. He ate something that didn't agree with him at breakfast . Damn.
  4. Unfortunately: I have been spoiled lately with all of my  p-spot clients- they have all been immaculate. This one was not and I swore he got off on it! It was like he has a cocky dominant personality in real life , asks to be submissive but really isn't. He made a mess of my bed.
One day I'll take a picture of my bed for you. The frame is GORGEOUS, absolutely gorgeous. It was made by my now deceased ( as of June 14 2012) father, whom I was very close to - so close that a rehab center ( did I mention that I am in recovery?!) once questioned whether he was " emotionally incestuous". Absurd Assholes! Guess that so many people in rehab come from such fucked up families that they couldn't recognize a healthy relationship when they saw it. But I'll write about that later in a "notes on my history" section. Anyway my dad was an expert craftsman- woodworker, furniture maker I should say , and he designed and built what will be an heirloom for me. It is the most valuable thing I ave ever owned- both sentimentally and monetarily. This asshole ( oh ya that's what I was talking about) made of mess of the sheets on this amazing bed that I tied him too. And I swore he was laughing about it in a self satisfied mockery of me cleaning it up way. First client in the last 3 months that I NEVER want to see again. I mentioned subscribing to my blog and he acted like I had to work for the follow. HA! Maybe I can think of something fitting to spend his money on,
BUT THEN: my client that had to cancel the threesome made up for any and all stress of the last week: He's surprising me with.................
A THREESOME WITH A SHE MALE!!!!     Pardon me for making it sound like a novelty , but that's how she advertises her self and the fact of the matter is , it IS a novelty to me- she's not of course but the experience of having sex with her and getting paid for it certainly will be!!!!! Thankyou D!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

what you can expect in the days to come...

So, since several of you have so graciously joined my blog at this early date in its development, I thought i should give you an idea of what's coming up. Of course i want to do reviews as my main focus. reviews of a whole lot of sexy stuff -vibrators, dildos, kegel exercisers, bullets and eggs, light bdsm including restraints, floggers and collars, lingerie, books and dvds, lubes, stim gels, massage and bath products, the occasional beauty product or piece of sex furniture and perhaps something totally out there every once in awhile.

First on the agenda?
Cuban heels stockings by Coquette
FFE Vibrating 4.5" dildo
Icicles #24
FF Ocean (plus video)
Njoy Fun joy
Jimmyjane Form 6
Jopen vr2,3 &5
Tristan Taorminos Ultimate Kink
A Coquette demi cup bustier
Bamboo mens pajama bottoms
Pink Spunk Lube
Ocean Sensuals G Gel
Aslan Jaguar cuffs and ankle restraints
and many more...........

Plus I want to include a "Quest for the perfect clitoral stimulation gel" section
Give you more "tales from the trade"
and I will write up a sex toy materials section and try to keep a database of lube/bath and beauty products ingredients.

Watch Out for my BELATED GRAND OPENING EVOLVED NOVELTIES GIVEAWAY!!! you could win a Speeding Bullet or Roulette toy!

Thanx for sticking with me guys I'm learning the tech part as fast as I can and I appreciate your support.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Why I love Ohhh Canada


So, since I began my journey into life with sex toys and products I have scoured the web for the best sources of everything from vibrators to tantra workshops. I have found several decent sites and a whole lot of crap. Internet buying is tough. Especially when it comes to sex toys and a few sites have sailed heads above the rest. A few of these I have had to forgo a relationship with simply because thy are American or British and I can't handle the shipping charges. The ones I am referring to are well known and I'm sure I will mention them at some later date. As my readers know, I began my sex toy reviewer apprenticeship on Edenfantasys and Eden has been good to me. Other blog posts I have written and will write toot Eden's horn but on this side of the border there are only 4 that are really in competition. Pink cherry Canada is great for their clearance sales but all round a website started by a woman named Katrina McKay sails heads above the rest for a number of reasons. First of all their customer service is impeccable. I bought my first web sex toy purchase from OHHHCANADA- the Lelo Gigi and though the toy turned out not to be compatible with my anatomy , my purchase turned out to bring something o my attention. A month or so after I bought Gigi I had trouble charging her. She would work for 10 seconds or so and then just die. Since Lelo is a luxury toy company, all of their products are under a fantastic warranty. If it breaks due to manufacturer fallacy in the first year they will replace the toy outright. If it breaks in 10 years they will honor a 50% off any Lelo purchase coupon. I was going to send the toy back to Lelo, but I decided to contact Katrina first ( and Katrina herself actually answered my letter!) much to my pleasant surprise not only did she offer to replace the toy herself ( saving me shipping it to Lelia home base in Sweden) BUT she offered me credit for ANYTHING on her web site!!, since I had problems with Gigi getting painfully caught on my pubic bone I jumped at the chance and since then timing was right - purchased a we- vibe 3 to be delivered to my friend for her wedding! Treatment like this alone would have kept me coming back. Then I read the fine print on OHHHCANADA and found out that they will honor return of ANY toy purchased from them - not just the luxury ones under warranty from the manufacturer. No one offers this - no one. Especially with no questions asked - I mean you wouldn't believe the things that some people will try with a sex toy!
But seriously there's another reason why I'm tooting OHHHCANADA'S horn- one that EVERY customer will be happy with- her prices are unheard of. Many toys are less expensive than on the sites of the manufacturers themselves. Think it's not much of a difference? Think again- she sells Lelo Gigi for $85 guess how much Gigi usually goes for online? $130! $200 retail!!! Even better? Leaf spirit-. An amazing rechargeable, waterproof, Eco friendly, silicone clitoral vibe $70 compared to $120 elsewhere. I have no clue how she manages to offer these prices I mean just a $20 cheaper price would put her on the map.
Plus Katrina has been supportive of me and my blog from day 1. My advice? Read my reviews and then hop on over to They do have a $10 flat rate shipping charge but with prices like these who the hell cares! Neither OHHHCANADA  nor Katrina have paid Me or even asked for me to write this post . Yes I know it sounds like I'm a suck up and I guess I am - but a 100% sincere suck up!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

MY FIRST BLOW JOB!!!!(receiving!!) ***warning explicit

OMG I had an amazing new experience!  I got to find out what it's like to get your cock sucked!!

I had an appt. with a new client this week, involving a light bdsm kit, and gender play. When I arrived he was in a tight see thru strappy tank top, and see thru boyshorts. He quickly put on the collar I brought and we talked about his fantasies. The only request he had about what not to do was be verbally abusive- which I don't enjoy anyway so I happily agreed to it. After introducing him to the 2 bags of toys (mostly insertable vibes) that I brought and getting dressed up in a black satin and lace waist cincher by Shirley G, Leg avenue stockings and the sportsheets vibrating corset harness (review coming soon) we started to play. I got to play as a mildly dominant dom but my favourite part was when he got down on his knees and began to perform oral sex on the Tantus goddess dildo that I was wearing. I have always dreamed of wearing a strap-on, bending a sexy chick over and slapping her ass as I penetrated her- and I'm sure I will eventually accomplish this fantasy, but this was an experience I didn't realize I would love so much. Sexis has an article about this exact act by Mr. Sexsmith here. I didn't ask him to do it and I was already going back and forth between enjoying an idea of what it must feel like to wield a cock and at the same time feeling like a bumbling idiot who couldn't do a simple task right, when I looked down and saw him put the goddess in his mouth. I admit it- It was totally HOT!!! Granted, I couldn't actually feel his lips around it but I could see it and I felt a mix of my feminine power as well as a masculine.  My new thing is feeling safe enough to get off with my clients so the evening ended in mutual masturbation- come on, who doesn't want to get paid to jack off? Makes me feel like this is too good be true- I'm an agnostic, but I swear I wonder if in my last life I was a catholic? Cause I've actually been feeling guilty about accepting money when I'm cumming too! Next time he wants to add a third person to the mix but i'm not sure what gender I prefer- I'll keep you informed!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Back to the sex trade ** warning explicit

So I recently decided that I’m sick of being a broke assed schizo-affective bitch and I want the personal empowerment and awesome wages of the sex trade again. This time has been much different as I rightly assumed it would. Biggest difference? Boundaries. My moms favourite word. Years ago when I was a doped up mess I hooked to survive. Other than my rent (when I had a place to live) I funded EVERYTHING with sex trade money. Although I must admit that my addiction to cocaine swallowed pretty much every penny that I had. Back then there wasn’t much that I wouldn’t do, sexually speaking, to get my coke fix. Needless to say it was pathetic, extremely painful (physically yes but much more emotionally) humiliating and degrading. I into equality and there was none on the street. I won’t embarrass myself further by saying how low I went for how small an amount of cash but tears were common, both before during and after. I was not able to fake enjoying it. I was, however, able to hide just how bad I felt. By the end I was totally ‘no frills’ though. If asked if I “love to suck cock” , I’d reply with absolutely no emotion in my voice as flat as could be “oh ya it’s great, I can’t get enough”. I managed to hide my sarcasm but that’s about it. I spent most of my life prior to my 5 years in hell (as I call them) looking people straight in the eyes, thankfully I am able to do so today as well, but from 2004-2006 if I did that they usually saw the pain in my eyes (or tears) and would ask me to get out of the car. Begging for a john to keep you is not a pretty sight.

Anyway back to why I love what I’m doing now, even after all those hellish dates: I get to choose what I do and what I don’t do without fear of losing needed $. I get treated with respect and dignity (unless he pays me well enough, but non coerced consent makes all of the difference). It’s not in public. It’s much safer. I get paid way flippin better ( and I mean like at least 500% better). And arguably best of all I often get to cum! This is honestly a truly healing part of my journey.

In the last year and a half I took on 3 of my old regulars ( 3 of the very few  who always treated me right) and answered an ad which brought be a great new client. He’s attractive, in shape, fun and pays great. Last week I took out my first ad followed by another one a few days ago. It’s going great. I had my first dom appt which I will write another post about, I saw a client it turned out that I had met before, got stood up twice (chalk it up to experience- don’t ever book with someone who won’t give you a phone number to reach him) by the same person, saw a really gross dude twice who paid me almost twice what the rest do each time, and saw 2 sexy guys my age that both made me cum 3 times!!! I also have a few more bookings on the agenda. My goal is to get a few people that I see once a week, a few more twice a month and a few more once a month. Nothing compared to all night every night. This way I’m sure I will have a few gross or uncomfortable experiences but I will also get to choose who I see again and for how long.

I advertise myself as an early 30 something (even done the 29 thing) long dark wavy haired sexy brunette plus tattoos and piercings with strong capable hands for erotic massage and of course TOYS TOYS TOYS!!!. when I arrive I usually give a free 15 minute crash course on sex toys which I love to do anyway. From the response I’m getting, which I know will taper off as I slip from new chick to regular poster, I think I need to buy more P-spot toys and basic BDSM. I am honestly looking forward to it!

I will keep you informed of my joys and my fails.


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Trading/buying/selling used toys can be a safe, inexpensive alternative to shelling out exorbitant amounts of cash.

So...some people are down with trading and/or selling toys that they've tested that they haven't necessarily enjoyed ,or just simply don't need, to others who may appreciate them more. I am one of the people who loves opportunities like these. Sex toys, especially luxury toys can be hella expensive and shelling out big bucks ( i haven't been reviewing long enough to get toys worth over $50 for free) for toys that you end up not liking ( eg. The Je Joue FiFi) sucks. I currently have toys for sale or trade on edens classifieds and I have gained a ton of toys from the other contributors on Eden. My best deal yet was a $35 Jopen vr6 - a toy worth over $140 online and well over $200 retail. Unfortunately my anatomy rejected the shape of the vr6 but at least I got to see for myself what power horses the Jopen Vanitys are. Even better a few months later I traded the vr6 for a JimmyJane Form 2 which currently is in my top 5 fav toys! The Form 2 is also worth $140 so I seriously lucked out. So, Eden has a safety scale for the different types of materials that sex toys come in. At the top of the list, and my personal favourite is silicone, glass and steel. Next, at a rating of 9, are ceramic and wood ( which I have not tried yet and frankly have a bit of an aversion too but that's another story. Hard plastic is an 8 and still considered non-porous. The safety scale is all about how porous the materials are. If a toy is permeable ie. absorbent, then you run the risk of either a. transferring contaminants from orifice to orifice (which could result in a yeast or bladder infection or jock itch that you just can't get rid of)or b. possible STD transmission. As long as the toys are cleaned properly between uses (with antibacterial soap and water or a 10% bleach solution or commercial toy cleaner/wipes) toys with a rating of 8 or above are safe to share. They are also phthalates and latex free and hypoallergenic. It just makes sense to use a safe toy. If you don't like the rigidity of plastic, steel ,glass etc then stick with silicone which comes in many different textures and densities. Toys in the mid range (various combinations of materials including silicone hybrids, TPE and elastomer) are safer, but should still be used with caution. Then there's what I consider to be an evil material that is really only useful if you are not prone to yeast or bladder infections and plan on keeping the toy to use alone only, in your cooch(vagina)only and don't care if the material breaks down in a matter of months. Lots of people used to come into the sex shop I worked at and go straight for jelly. If I ever manage to open or run my own sex shop one day, rest assured I will sell very little if any jelly ( which is a 2) toys. Luxury toys use medical grade silicone which is really at home in your nether regions and depending on the finish can be used with or without lube, as long as its water based. When buying used toys (more often than not they've only been used once or twice and usually just for review purposes) make sure that you lean them properly before using, just like washing panties before wearing them. If your toy doesn't house a motor it can even be boiled or put through the dishwasher for sterilization. I had one member on Eden point out in a Would you buy a second hand toy? poll and thread that I started, that it's just like having a pap smear done by a doctor with a speculum that has been used on countless women. But, as you'll see if you click on the link above their ate a ton of different views on the subject and I don't feel like any are wrong. It really depends on what you are comfortable with. I wouldn't buy a second hand vibe as a gift though lol. I started this post originally to mention Adriana She is also an Edenite and has a fantastic website which was in the top 100 sex blogs of 2011. Adriana recently posted on thetoy swap thread a ton of toys that she was giving away for nothing more than the price of shipping! I ended up with 12 toys in total for $40 valued over $600!!. An amazingly generous woman and awesome writer check out her blog and right now (July 2012) she's giving away a brand new icicles#5 dildo! Just go here

Monday, 23 July 2012

hello everyone. I realize that this site has just begun and I have a TON of work to do on it, but it will slowly build into a decent blog.  I have a lot of research and work to do to just to get up to par with the readable sex toy reviewers/bloggers.  That's why I haven't advertised or left this address very many places.  Right now I'm mainly focussed on eden and finding my own style of reviewing.  I have several toys that eden doesn't carry and those will  be published here by the end of the summer.
I'm also looking for a job which isn't easy considering my  history and my mental health but on the other hand I am a really fantastic loyal employee and if I mange to get that across in an interview I usually get the job. keep your fingers crossed! As you may know my dad passed away 5 1/2 weeks ago and me and the rest of my family are doing better with it then expected.  There's a chance I might move up there if I can get a job at the sex shop near the island my family lives on.  I move out of the house I'm in now on September first.  It will be the first time that I've truly been single and on my own for 11 years it's complicated)
Anyway I wanted to write this to anounce and keep track of my first big accomplishment online- I got a short PAID article published on SEXIS which is edenfantsys online magazine.  It's simple but it's mine and I am really proud. When it comes out I'll provide a link. Until then, I'm on the search for a job, an apartment, some new clients and one or two people (preferably one male and one female) tp play with my toys with.  Lately I'm interested ion gender play.....but that's another story

Monday, 9 July 2012

The Sex Toy Society

hi guys, sad news, one of the sex toy giveaway sites just closed so....I'm going to try to post more giveaways on my blog. starting with.... The Sex Toy Society.
 WIN A $100 EDENFANTASYS GIFT CARD from Sex Toy Society !!!!
This is a great sex toy review blog for men women and couples originating in the U.K. it's thorough and a great place to get some good info! check it out

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

hi guys i'm going to provide a link for now to MY contributor profile on eden so you can see my new reviews. I've decided not to move any over here until the fall.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I am overwhelmed by this thing we call the Internet!!!

So- you think sex is complicated? It's like riding a bike right? Once you learn how you'll never forget? Well I got to play in this fun San Fran type road, all little hills up, litte hills down and now I realize I'm at the bottom of a big hill. The toys are fine. I've got tons and I could sit here and write reviews all day- both for Eden and for SSS (this blog). It's the tech stuff I need help with. So do I find a course on-line or do I fork out the bucks and take a course at a school somewhere outside of the web? I want a decent blog. It doesn't have to e perfect or amazing or even super popular, but I don't want o get laughed at or annoy people with my lack of tech skills. I just read back over this and this is exactly my point. My focus should be on how to express the best way to use some amazing sexual aids( I can say that right? No one is going to think I'm referring to HIV? ) and I need ....I've got it I'm going to trade my skills for a tech bloggers.... ..........back when I find the right man or woman for the job.....yes this IS exrated.

Saturday june16th plans""

I need a little time to take a blogger test or at least tutorial. I want links to my Eden reviews plus several reviews that won 't be posted on Eden to be accentuated here. Then I want a list of other bloggers some photographers, some reviewers and other just funny reviewers, it It'll take awhile to figure out what will make my bog different. I mean I haven't even figure out to post gadgets from my other sites here!!! I want to be an affiliate firs for Eden, then pinkcherry, ohhh Canada and hopefully we-vibe and . Some local companies like lush and the romance shop and whispers would be nice too. A blog roll of course and probably e-lust or pleasurists plus drawings, anew dotes, giveaways- both mine and linky loves. Syo much to come, but I just lost my favorite relative on Thursday and I'll be out of commission for at least a day or two. The one thing that has kept me strong through all of this is edenfantasys and my toys - a great big Thankyou to my tango and my ocean- the best objects of affection a cooch could ask for. Make that my jimmyjane form 2- ocean wasn't charged and tango wasn't interested.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

teagan shepard giveaway

teagan has been giving away TONS of stuff this month. this won is a long list of several products sure to please and tease.
she also suggests heading on over to dallas novelties and of course checking out her blog

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hi guys. I know this isn't much of a blog yet but I WILL get there. I have tons to write about. mostly about sex and sex toys and sex toy reviews, voyeurism and exhibitionism plus bondage. I'm not big on discipline and s&m but bondage is extremely sexy to me. I'm not sure if you've picked this up yet but I'm a little crazy. some would say schizo affective- others would say claire sentient (mostly claire audient). I'm here to present my unique pont of view- masturbation, sex toys and sex (both with men and women - or guys and chicks as I prfer to call them) education (like how-to and not just std prevention but that too) plus a little erotica- both photographic and written; from someone who is basically NEVER alone. It's a challenge but I will find a way to make it work for me and not against me.
    I do enjoy porn but I'm going to leave that (other than some awesome still pics) off of this page.
I'll post reviews of toys that edenfantasys doesn't carry and links to my reviews- both written and video, from eden.
  I am single at the moment- searching for a woman to learn strap-on play with and the only entities  I am a mother to are 2 female cats. I do several things for a living. I am on call at a few businesses, one of which is a sex shop. I am a part time caregiver for a friend with cerebral palsy. I also do erotic massage which is far preferable from the level of stw work I used to do. I am clean and fairly happy considering the stress in my life at the moment. I am losing my closest family member. My dad is in the last months of his life, cancer has ravaged his body and we don't have much time left. Either I'll use the internet to take my mind off his death or I might disappear for awhile. anyway thats where I'm at. That and leaving for an old lovers (female) wedding across the country tomorrow.
until then......

Sunday, 29 April 2012

and here we go again! soon I will learn how to post a list of the monthly contests but for now heres another one from nexus the p-spot, g-spot specialists!/sangsaraB/status/196673601276096512
 heres a link to a Trojan giveaway package- to tell you the truth trojan vibes have never done it for me but these may be different- definitely worth it if its free!
guess what? I WON THIS PRIZE!!!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

So for my first link to a contest (since I'm nowhere near creating my own yet)

you can get one for your lover or use it yourself inside out on avibe!
okay well here I am- haven't got much done on here in the last week but I pledge to buckle down and learn how to blog or blow lol which is funny considering my years as a sex trade worker. Anew kind of blow versus cocaine and blow jobs! I call it 'resolving the relationship' when I do that- make something old that was attached to self destruction attach to something new and relatively healthy.
Anyway my plans for this blog- mostly the usual- links, giveaways, sex toy reviews both written and video, hopefully some attempts at writing my own erotica a well as collecting some from the web and sharing with you. Eden fantasys will remain my main 'web-home' probably for a year or so until I can get the hang of things and move on to being an affiliate site- testing toys good and bad and hopefully directing you to the best places to buy the winners!
So who do i think you'll be? a mish mash of fellow toy connoisseurs,  horny chicks and dicks or chicks with dicks (real OR strap-on), writers, girls with anatomies or preferences similar to mine, friends of course and hopefully mentors of all things healthy happy horny!
First I need to learn the technical basics (of blogging not masturbating lol) but I think we are going to have a long rewardinng relationship. Sorry that I have to catch up but the school of hard knocks gave me a PHD- all the way to a very rocky rock bottom and crawling out and piecing my brain and body back together took awhile. Now I'm 35 and as I've said before at my sexual peak, which for a girl thats been horny since age 3 and not afraid to show and tell EVERYONE about it, has FINALLY arrived!
off for a nap......I'll try to keep my hands above my waist...happy frigging (and stroking boys)

Monday, 9 April 2012

and so i began my journey into sex toy reviews.....

a little about who I am: I am 35, female, and a recovering drug addict healing from hard prostitution by rediscovering her happy horny healthy self! I still do erotic massage and I work on-call at a sex shop in the canadian city I live in. Sex toys have changed my life- vibrators and clitoral stimulation gels mostly. A fun factory vibrator and ocean sensuals 'g' gel transformed my life and brought back the passionate woman that suffered so much on the street. I have no qualms with stw work- be it escorting, stripping or porn, just as long as the girls are healthy, the clients respectful and everyone uses condoms.
Aside from how strong my libido is (women peak at 35 after all) and what I plan to do with my life surrounding the sex industry, I should tell you about the biggest issue (other than staying clean and having regular orgasms) that affects my life. Take your pic- either I have schizo-affective disorder or I am claire sentient. Basically 24/7 hell 60/60/12/24/7/52 I hear voices, see images- both in my mind and in the air around or near my body, smell and taste things with no local origin, feel emotions unrelated to my activities (hard to tell apart from repressed emotions from the past) and even get touched by entities that are not held in any one physical place. Some of them are complete assholes. others are just as confused as me and really I can't be sure which come from my imagination, the past, other places on earth, the fourth dimension, parallel universes, other life forms etc etc. How does this differ from generic schizophrenia? well they teach me stuff I didn't previously know like the names for parts of my brain that are affected by their presence and the drugs I used to be addicted to plus they have predicted two earthquakes within a few hours to 2 days before hand. Geez I could go on and on but unless you already have a belief in the paranormal or super-natural or psychics in general you won't be interested and you'll probably come up with a million explanations as to their source.
Where I'm at right now:

I LOVE EDEN FANTASYS!!!! my new goal in life (other than finding a partner to create and raise a child with) is to one day open a retail sex shop that also has a feminist escort agency that caters to me and women, gay,straight,bi or transgendered. My favourite part of the business will be that it will offer sex ed at every level. How to talk to your kids about sex, kissing classes, felatio / cunnilingus classes, even tantra classes plus pole dancing and burlesque- all sorts of how to love your body and give it the pleasure it deserves in a completely healthy empowering way. It's not a crazy goal. I really believe that its achievable- these kinds of places are out there just usually in cities of 2 million or more.
EDEN FANTASYS is going to get me on my way. Now everyone has heard of what a great job testing sex toys for a living would be and they offer the stepping stone to that reality. They have hundreds of thousands of items for sale and competitive prices for anyone who is too shy to go into their local sex shop or simply wants something very specific. Considering how different every woman or mans body is there really is a toy for everyone. Now when i say toys I think of my first love- vibrators, but eden doesn't just carry vibrators- they carry couples toys, mens toys, lingerie, lubes, bdsm gear. bath and body products etce etce etc in everything from leather to lace to wood to silicone to silk to plastic to TPR.
AND.......they don't stop there. Just for surfing the site and becoming part of their community they give you points which are equal to cents for almost every action you make.