Friday, 30 November 2012

This blog is getting an OVERHAUL!!!

I gotta laugh at myself that I've been procrastinating like crazy about turning this blog into something that I work on every day but it really is important to me and I really do have big plans!! First of all, since its primarily supposed to be a review site I AM going to I ally post some reviews! Until them remember that you can see my other 23 reviews on and I also have over 30 video reviews there. I've decided that my blog is going to feature video reviews for most of the items I post. People have told me that due to ADHD or dyslexia or just plain crappy eyesight that they prefer my videos over written reviews and since acting is such an important part of my life, public speaking is the next best thing and vlogging is the closest I can get. My main obstacle right now besides the procrastination monster, is my lack of tech skills, so the folks at are helping me out setting me up with a Wordpress site called it's going to be awesome!!!! It will also turn 'life as an STW' into"tales of the trade" which is going to spin off into something I am even more excited about!

Miss Lillie Lovely from Edenfantasys and I are starting a website called 'Tales from the Trade'
It will be a place for working girls and guys from at least all over North America, if not the entire globe, to come together, network and share their stories for support, laughter, safety and education. We are talking cam girls/guys to strippers to porn stars to escorts to street girls and any other corners of the sex trade. Together with agencies that help working girls/guys across the continent we can provide what our society does not. We will have a 1-800 number, run by volunteers who have been or are members of the sex trade, sort of like a crisis line for when we need to talk to someone who gets where we're coming from or for emergencies. Even more exciting is joining with a UK based company who has produced a safety app called "Stay Safe". This app is downloadable for your android or iPhone and is perfect for the needs of anyone involved in any risky work of a sexual nature. Really it has many uses, but we are thinking that it is perfect for outcalls. You set a timer when you arrive at your destination. When the timer goes off you must enter a code. If you don't enter a code or you enter your duress code the service will send a message to your pre-set contacts containing any info you may have entered into your phone at the beginning of your appointment plus your exact location by GPS. This way it is up to your friends, family etc whether to attempt to assist you themselves, or to contact authorities. It's an amazing technology and will eventually be able to turn the camera on the phone on to gather evidence. Of course we nor the company who has produced the app are liable for any damages as we are going to be there to help make things safer for STWs, not as something to absolutely rely on. That said, I think that this is going to help make our profession much safer especially for STWs such as Americans outside of Nevada that currently run the risk of getting arrested from reporting a rape when prostitution is involved. YAY!!!
Please anyone who wants to get involved at any level please contact me or LillieLovely  on Eden.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

First weekend in November....

  Wow so many new experiences!

So I've been doing more STW work lately and have had some very new experiences- some good, some not so good and one coming up that I am more excited than I have been in years! I wanted to get a bunch of reviews up first but then I realized I should get this down on paper,so to speak. Tomorrow I'm doing a trade - my services for web design/blog tutorial, which as you may have noticed I urgently need. Until then let me fill you in......
  1. Part 2 of my first blow job:  I got paid to watch my client give his first real blow job ( I got paid by BOTH guys!) I couldn't help but question why!!! I swear watching him savour the taste was awesomer than doing it myself. I am def a voyeur if those I am watching are luvin every minute of it and wanting to share it. Otherwise I can't handle watching private acts. I have to be invited and I LOVED this invitation. 
  2. Next: my usual hour and a half oral apt lasted 20 min and I still got paid in full. Plus he obviously had his best orgasm with me yet. Funny what happens once I know a client well enough to do my job right! Seriously it feels so good to know that your clients feel they really are getting their money's worth.
  3. Then: I have a new working partner lets call her 'K'.'K' was supposed to join me and a new regular for a hot double pegging. He ate something that didn't agree with him at breakfast . Damn.
  4. Unfortunately: I have been spoiled lately with all of my  p-spot clients- they have all been immaculate. This one was not and I swore he got off on it! It was like he has a cocky dominant personality in real life , asks to be submissive but really isn't. He made a mess of my bed.
One day I'll take a picture of my bed for you. The frame is GORGEOUS, absolutely gorgeous. It was made by my now deceased ( as of June 14 2012) father, whom I was very close to - so close that a rehab center ( did I mention that I am in recovery?!) once questioned whether he was " emotionally incestuous". Absurd Assholes! Guess that so many people in rehab come from such fucked up families that they couldn't recognize a healthy relationship when they saw it. But I'll write about that later in a "notes on my history" section. Anyway my dad was an expert craftsman- woodworker, furniture maker I should say , and he designed and built what will be an heirloom for me. It is the most valuable thing I ave ever owned- both sentimentally and monetarily. This asshole ( oh ya that's what I was talking about) made of mess of the sheets on this amazing bed that I tied him too. And I swore he was laughing about it in a self satisfied mockery of me cleaning it up way. First client in the last 3 months that I NEVER want to see again. I mentioned subscribing to my blog and he acted like I had to work for the follow. HA! Maybe I can think of something fitting to spend his money on,
BUT THEN: my client that had to cancel the threesome made up for any and all stress of the last week: He's surprising me with.................
A THREESOME WITH A SHE MALE!!!!     Pardon me for making it sound like a novelty , but that's how she advertises her self and the fact of the matter is , it IS a novelty to me- she's not of course but the experience of having sex with her and getting paid for it certainly will be!!!!! Thankyou D!!!