So this is basically my idea of a review: I acquire a sensual or sexual item either by purchasing outright or for a discount or for free by a sponsor (or have gifted). I examine how it arrives at my house. I take into consideration how I was treated by those that I received it from. Next I look at the packaging- focusing mostly on discretion and possibility for re use or recycling but aesthetics count of course, as well. Next I photograph it. Then after checking safety ratings of material and use and skimming over instructions I learn how to operate it or I try it on. In the case of lubes/stim gels and bath and beauty products I look at ingredients and subject the item to my 5 basic senses. Then I have a rule. 3 uses minimum before I come to any conclusions. Preferably those would include use alone, use with another female and use with a male, but this isn't always possible. If I bought the item myself I will put it aside until I can do this but if I have a time limit I do the best with who I have available lol. Next I began to write which usually leads to more pictures. I do research, looking up the company, referring to Edens materials page and reading any other reviews I find on the web. I do not plagiarize, but I find that in reading other reviews any uses I did not think of get suggested. I still have my own opinions. My body does not achieve orgasm (for stimulation products) easily, I don't have a committed partner, and my body is far from feminine perfection. This is my personal view. I try to include as much objective as well as subjective info as possible. I write what I consider a thorough review, covering, like I was taught in my mentorship at everything including use, material, size,design,function,operation,experience, personal comments and packaging. I also rate it based on overall appeal, strength,noise,pros and cons. I provide you with a way to acquire these products for yourself if you so choose. Internet shopping can be a bitch, especially with products so personal that they are usually only returnable if expensive and under warranty.  This way you get the privacy and convenience of shopping at home or on the road but it takes much of the risk and guess work out of the purchase and finds you a great deal as well. Most of these products are twice as much in a retail store. I have found coveted products at 800% discount! Read a little of who I am and what kind of body I have. If you trust my opinion or feel you or a friend or partner has anything in common with me, buying through this site will help support the site and me. Please email me with any questions or requests for reviews that you may have. I absolutely love this work. This is what I want to do for a living- hopefully eventually I will have reviewed enough items to open a store of my own and I plan on selling only items whose quality I endorse ( in a perfect world? I think it's possible!)

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