Life as an STW

OMG I had an amazing new experience!  I got to find out what it's like to get your cock sucked!!

I had an appt. with a new client this week, involving a light bdsm kit, and gender play. When I arrived he was in a tight see thru strappy tank top, and see thru boyshorts. He quickly put on the collar I brought and we talked about his fantasies. The only request he had about what not to do was be verbally abusive- which I don't enjoy anyway so I happily agreed to it. After introducing him to the 2 bags of toys (mostly insertable vibes) that I brought and getting dressed up in a black satin and lace waist cincher by Shirley G, Leg avenue stockings and the sportsheets vibrating corset harness (review coming soon) we started to play. I got to play as a mildly dominant dom but my favourite part was when he got down on his knees and began to perform oral sex on the Tantus goddess dildo that I was wearing. I have always dreamed of wearing a strap-on, bending a sexy chick over and slapping her ass as I penetrated her- and I'm sure I will eventually accomplish this fantasy, but this was an experience I didn't realize I would love so much. Sexis has an article about this exact act by Mr. Sexsmith here. I didn't ask him to do it and I was already going back and forth between enjoying an idea of what it must feel like to wield a cock and at the same time feeling like a bumbling idiot who couldn't do a simple task right, when I looked down and saw him put the goddess in his mouth. I admit it- It was totally HOT!!! Granted, I couldn't actually feel his lips around it but I could see it and I felt a mix of my feminine power as well as a masculine.  My new thing is feeling safe enough to get off with my clients so the evening ended in mutual masturbation- come on, who doesn't want to get paid to jack off? Makes me feel like this is too good be true- I'm an agnostic, but I swear I wonder if in my last life I was a catholic? Cause I've actually been feeling guilty about accepting money when I'm cumming too! Next time he wants to add a third person to the mix but i'm not sure what gender I prefer- I'll keep you informed!

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