Saturday, 3 November 2012

First weekend in November....

  Wow so many new experiences!

So I've been doing more STW work lately and have had some very new experiences- some good, some not so good and one coming up that I am more excited than I have been in years! I wanted to get a bunch of reviews up first but then I realized I should get this down on paper,so to speak. Tomorrow I'm doing a trade - my services for web design/blog tutorial, which as you may have noticed I urgently need. Until then let me fill you in......
  1. Part 2 of my first blow job:  I got paid to watch my client give his first real blow job ( I got paid by BOTH guys!) I couldn't help but question why!!! I swear watching him savour the taste was awesomer than doing it myself. I am def a voyeur if those I am watching are luvin every minute of it and wanting to share it. Otherwise I can't handle watching private acts. I have to be invited and I LOVED this invitation. 
  2. Next: my usual hour and a half oral apt lasted 20 min and I still got paid in full. Plus he obviously had his best orgasm with me yet. Funny what happens once I know a client well enough to do my job right! Seriously it feels so good to know that your clients feel they really are getting their money's worth.
  3. Then: I have a new working partner lets call her 'K'.'K' was supposed to join me and a new regular for a hot double pegging. He ate something that didn't agree with him at breakfast . Damn.
  4. Unfortunately: I have been spoiled lately with all of my  p-spot clients- they have all been immaculate. This one was not and I swore he got off on it! It was like he has a cocky dominant personality in real life , asks to be submissive but really isn't. He made a mess of my bed.
One day I'll take a picture of my bed for you. The frame is GORGEOUS, absolutely gorgeous. It was made by my now deceased ( as of June 14 2012) father, whom I was very close to - so close that a rehab center ( did I mention that I am in recovery?!) once questioned whether he was " emotionally incestuous". Absurd Assholes! Guess that so many people in rehab come from such fucked up families that they couldn't recognize a healthy relationship when they saw it. But I'll write about that later in a "notes on my history" section. Anyway my dad was an expert craftsman- woodworker, furniture maker I should say , and he designed and built what will be an heirloom for me. It is the most valuable thing I ave ever owned- both sentimentally and monetarily. This asshole ( oh ya that's what I was talking about) made of mess of the sheets on this amazing bed that I tied him too. And I swore he was laughing about it in a self satisfied mockery of me cleaning it up way. First client in the last 3 months that I NEVER want to see again. I mentioned subscribing to my blog and he acted like I had to work for the follow. HA! Maybe I can think of something fitting to spend his money on,
BUT THEN: my client that had to cancel the threesome made up for any and all stress of the last week: He's surprising me with.................
A THREESOME WITH A SHE MALE!!!!     Pardon me for making it sound like a novelty , but that's how she advertises her self and the fact of the matter is , it IS a novelty to me- she's not of course but the experience of having sex with her and getting paid for it certainly will be!!!!! Thankyou D!!!

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