Tuesday, 23 October 2012

what you can expect in the days to come...

So, since several of you have so graciously joined my blog at this early date in its development, I thought i should give you an idea of what's coming up. Of course i want to do reviews as my main focus. reviews of a whole lot of sexy stuff -vibrators, dildos, kegel exercisers, bullets and eggs, light bdsm including restraints, floggers and collars, lingerie, books and dvds, lubes, stim gels, massage and bath products, the occasional beauty product or piece of sex furniture and perhaps something totally out there every once in awhile.

First on the agenda?
Cuban heels stockings by Coquette
FFE Vibrating 4.5" dildo
Icicles #24
FF Ocean (plus video)
Njoy Fun joy
Jimmyjane Form 6
Jopen vr2,3 &5
Tristan Taorminos Ultimate Kink
A Coquette demi cup bustier
Bamboo mens pajama bottoms
Pink Spunk Lube
Ocean Sensuals G Gel
Aslan Jaguar cuffs and ankle restraints
and many more...........

Plus I want to include a "Quest for the perfect clitoral stimulation gel" section
Give you more "tales from the trade"
and I will write up a sex toy materials section and try to keep a database of lube/bath and beauty products ingredients.

Watch Out for my BELATED GRAND OPENING EVOLVED NOVELTIES GIVEAWAY!!! you could win a Speeding Bullet or Roulette toy!

Thanx for sticking with me guys I'm learning the tech part as fast as I can and I appreciate your support.

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