Saturday, 20 October 2012

Why I love Ohhh Canada


So, since I began my journey into life with sex toys and products I have scoured the web for the best sources of everything from vibrators to tantra workshops. I have found several decent sites and a whole lot of crap. Internet buying is tough. Especially when it comes to sex toys and a few sites have sailed heads above the rest. A few of these I have had to forgo a relationship with simply because thy are American or British and I can't handle the shipping charges. The ones I am referring to are well known and I'm sure I will mention them at some later date. As my readers know, I began my sex toy reviewer apprenticeship on Edenfantasys and Eden has been good to me. Other blog posts I have written and will write toot Eden's horn but on this side of the border there are only 4 that are really in competition. Pink cherry Canada is great for their clearance sales but all round a website started by a woman named Katrina McKay sails heads above the rest for a number of reasons. First of all their customer service is impeccable. I bought my first web sex toy purchase from OHHHCANADA- the Lelo Gigi and though the toy turned out not to be compatible with my anatomy , my purchase turned out to bring something o my attention. A month or so after I bought Gigi I had trouble charging her. She would work for 10 seconds or so and then just die. Since Lelo is a luxury toy company, all of their products are under a fantastic warranty. If it breaks due to manufacturer fallacy in the first year they will replace the toy outright. If it breaks in 10 years they will honor a 50% off any Lelo purchase coupon. I was going to send the toy back to Lelo, but I decided to contact Katrina first ( and Katrina herself actually answered my letter!) much to my pleasant surprise not only did she offer to replace the toy herself ( saving me shipping it to Lelia home base in Sweden) BUT she offered me credit for ANYTHING on her web site!!, since I had problems with Gigi getting painfully caught on my pubic bone I jumped at the chance and since then timing was right - purchased a we- vibe 3 to be delivered to my friend for her wedding! Treatment like this alone would have kept me coming back. Then I read the fine print on OHHHCANADA and found out that they will honor return of ANY toy purchased from them - not just the luxury ones under warranty from the manufacturer. No one offers this - no one. Especially with no questions asked - I mean you wouldn't believe the things that some people will try with a sex toy!
But seriously there's another reason why I'm tooting OHHHCANADA'S horn- one that EVERY customer will be happy with- her prices are unheard of. Many toys are less expensive than on the sites of the manufacturers themselves. Think it's not much of a difference? Think again- she sells Lelo Gigi for $85 guess how much Gigi usually goes for online? $130! $200 retail!!! Even better? Leaf spirit-. An amazing rechargeable, waterproof, Eco friendly, silicone clitoral vibe $70 compared to $120 elsewhere. I have no clue how she manages to offer these prices I mean just a $20 cheaper price would put her on the map.
Plus Katrina has been supportive of me and my blog from day 1. My advice? Read my reviews and then hop on over to They do have a $10 flat rate shipping charge but with prices like these who the hell cares! Neither OHHHCANADA  nor Katrina have paid Me or even asked for me to write this post . Yes I know it sounds like I'm a suck up and I guess I am - but a 100% sincere suck up!

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