Sunday, 7 April 2013

My own complicated domain and site designed by someone else or something simple here?

Hi guys! So I own over 120 sex toys and as you know am an escort/sex toy reviewer. I have seriously been slacking in the writing department because my life has been chaos (and so has my schizophrenia) well with the changes to the Edenfantasys review program and no more free shipping to Canada comes some serious incentive to GET MY ASS IN GEAR and save the interested sponsors I have in Canada. I will stay on Eden because I have many toys to still review, they have been very good to me in the past 1.5 years and they pay me well for my vids which I am also allowed to post on my blog. The question is do I just start posting my reviews here and leave my own domain for later or do I try to continue with my overachiever  attempts to build my super duper perfect Sanctuary? I say stay here for now and worry about the amazing site  I actually have more to show than 30 vids and 32 written reviews on Edenfantasys?
Also, I thought that for my sponsors sakes and those of the somewhat unadventurous (to put it mildly) middle class that may be reading my reviews, I should separate the "Tales From the Trade" section into its own subdomain or separate site. The feedback I have gotten so far is that this section is what makes my site (if I can even call it that so far) different from others and therefore interesting. Please for the few of you reading this- let me know- do the existence of prostitution laws (they are quite different here in Canada) affect and/or upset you enough that you won't read my reviews or be interested in my sponsors sites? Do you think others will be that strongly affected?
I am serious this time! Blog writing at least a few times a week (I started to write everyday then got realistic) so please let me know!!!


  1. If anything I think that you being an escort would help your reviews. You are able to use toys on yourself and a partner. Then talk about how they work for both of you. If you are worried about people being judgmental about you being an escort....just refer to the person as your partner. No judgement can be passed then.

  2. I wouldn't worry about it. This is your site and your stories. If it were me, I might consider having separate sections for reviews and the stories.


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