Sunday, 17 June 2012

I am overwhelmed by this thing we call the Internet!!!

So- you think sex is complicated? It's like riding a bike right? Once you learn how you'll never forget? Well I got to play in this fun San Fran type road, all little hills up, litte hills down and now I realize I'm at the bottom of a big hill. The toys are fine. I've got tons and I could sit here and write reviews all day- both for Eden and for SSS (this blog). It's the tech stuff I need help with. So do I find a course on-line or do I fork out the bucks and take a course at a school somewhere outside of the web? I want a decent blog. It doesn't have to e perfect or amazing or even super popular, but I don't want o get laughed at or annoy people with my lack of tech skills. I just read back over this and this is exactly my point. My focus should be on how to express the best way to use some amazing sexual aids( I can say that right? No one is going to think I'm referring to HIV? ) and I need ....I've got it I'm going to trade my skills for a tech bloggers.... ..........back when I find the right man or woman for the job.....yes this IS exrated.

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