Sunday, 17 June 2012

Saturday june16th plans""

I need a little time to take a blogger test or at least tutorial. I want links to my Eden reviews plus several reviews that won 't be posted on Eden to be accentuated here. Then I want a list of other bloggers some photographers, some reviewers and other just funny reviewers, it It'll take awhile to figure out what will make my bog different. I mean I haven't even figure out to post gadgets from my other sites here!!! I want to be an affiliate firs for Eden, then pinkcherry, ohhh Canada and hopefully we-vibe and . Some local companies like lush and the romance shop and whispers would be nice too. A blog roll of course and probably e-lust or pleasurists plus drawings, anew dotes, giveaways- both mine and linky loves. Syo much to come, but I just lost my favorite relative on Thursday and I'll be out of commission for at least a day or two. The one thing that has kept me strong through all of this is edenfantasys and my toys - a great big Thankyou to my tango and my ocean- the best objects of affection a cooch could ask for. Make that my jimmyjane form 2- ocean wasn't charged and tango wasn't interested.

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