Monday, 9 April 2012

and so i began my journey into sex toy reviews.....

a little about who I am: I am 35, female, and a recovering drug addict healing from hard prostitution by rediscovering her happy horny healthy self! I still do erotic massage and I work on-call at a sex shop in the canadian city I live in. Sex toys have changed my life- vibrators and clitoral stimulation gels mostly. A fun factory vibrator and ocean sensuals 'g' gel transformed my life and brought back the passionate woman that suffered so much on the street. I have no qualms with stw work- be it escorting, stripping or porn, just as long as the girls are healthy, the clients respectful and everyone uses condoms.
Aside from how strong my libido is (women peak at 35 after all) and what I plan to do with my life surrounding the sex industry, I should tell you about the biggest issue (other than staying clean and having regular orgasms) that affects my life. Take your pic- either I have schizo-affective disorder or I am claire sentient. Basically 24/7 hell 60/60/12/24/7/52 I hear voices, see images- both in my mind and in the air around or near my body, smell and taste things with no local origin, feel emotions unrelated to my activities (hard to tell apart from repressed emotions from the past) and even get touched by entities that are not held in any one physical place. Some of them are complete assholes. others are just as confused as me and really I can't be sure which come from my imagination, the past, other places on earth, the fourth dimension, parallel universes, other life forms etc etc. How does this differ from generic schizophrenia? well they teach me stuff I didn't previously know like the names for parts of my brain that are affected by their presence and the drugs I used to be addicted to plus they have predicted two earthquakes within a few hours to 2 days before hand. Geez I could go on and on but unless you already have a belief in the paranormal or super-natural or psychics in general you won't be interested and you'll probably come up with a million explanations as to their source.
Where I'm at right now:

I LOVE EDEN FANTASYS!!!! my new goal in life (other than finding a partner to create and raise a child with) is to one day open a retail sex shop that also has a feminist escort agency that caters to me and women, gay,straight,bi or transgendered. My favourite part of the business will be that it will offer sex ed at every level. How to talk to your kids about sex, kissing classes, felatio / cunnilingus classes, even tantra classes plus pole dancing and burlesque- all sorts of how to love your body and give it the pleasure it deserves in a completely healthy empowering way. It's not a crazy goal. I really believe that its achievable- these kinds of places are out there just usually in cities of 2 million or more.
EDEN FANTASYS is going to get me on my way. Now everyone has heard of what a great job testing sex toys for a living would be and they offer the stepping stone to that reality. They have hundreds of thousands of items for sale and competitive prices for anyone who is too shy to go into their local sex shop or simply wants something very specific. Considering how different every woman or mans body is there really is a toy for everyone. Now when i say toys I think of my first love- vibrators, but eden doesn't just carry vibrators- they carry couples toys, mens toys, lingerie, lubes, bdsm gear. bath and body products etce etce etc in everything from leather to lace to wood to silicone to silk to plastic to TPR.
AND.......they don't stop there. Just for surfing the site and becoming part of their community they give you points which are equal to cents for almost every action you make.

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