Saturday, 28 April 2012

okay well here I am- haven't got much done on here in the last week but I pledge to buckle down and learn how to blog or blow lol which is funny considering my years as a sex trade worker. Anew kind of blow versus cocaine and blow jobs! I call it 'resolving the relationship' when I do that- make something old that was attached to self destruction attach to something new and relatively healthy.
Anyway my plans for this blog- mostly the usual- links, giveaways, sex toy reviews both written and video, hopefully some attempts at writing my own erotica a well as collecting some from the web and sharing with you. Eden fantasys will remain my main 'web-home' probably for a year or so until I can get the hang of things and move on to being an affiliate site- testing toys good and bad and hopefully directing you to the best places to buy the winners!
So who do i think you'll be? a mish mash of fellow toy connoisseurs,  horny chicks and dicks or chicks with dicks (real OR strap-on), writers, girls with anatomies or preferences similar to mine, friends of course and hopefully mentors of all things healthy happy horny!
First I need to learn the technical basics (of blogging not masturbating lol) but I think we are going to have a long rewardinng relationship. Sorry that I have to catch up but the school of hard knocks gave me a PHD- all the way to a very rocky rock bottom and crawling out and piecing my brain and body back together took awhile. Now I'm 35 and as I've said before at my sexual peak, which for a girl thats been horny since age 3 and not afraid to show and tell EVERYONE about it, has FINALLY arrived!
off for a nap......I'll try to keep my hands above my waist...happy frigging (and stroking boys)

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