Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Okay so a big thankyou to the group of you who have been following this fledgling blog as it does its best to drag itself along and have enough confidence to keep going and keep trying despite all of the set backs. THINGS ARE TURNING AROUND!!!!
I have found someone that I work really well with that is helping me actually be productive!! My own domain ( has been purchased for 4 years and hosting is setup etc etc! Looks like realistically this should be a decent site in the near future!
I am so frickin excited. This time I'm keeping it fairly simple- no promises of 10 reviews on day 1 and 20 different pages- that's what got me nowhere last time, biting off more than I could chew. It will debut with a written and videos reviews section, sales and giveaways, my toy box and TFTT. Then I will begin some serious networking and prove that I really am a great  reviewer and decent writer. I have around 250 toys and a sex life that is active daily so lets get to it!!!
Thanx again for sticking around everyone and don't forget the Spicy Subcriptions giveaway one post back! Thought I'd add a spicy shot just for fun!- Julie with dreamgirl lingerie, sportsheets corset harness and sportsheets sedeux flare dildo 

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