Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dildology- making the sex toy industry accountable and update

Hi everyone! I wanted to update you on what's happening with my site. Edenfantasys is undergoing some major changes and I'm honestly unsure as to whether the video program will even still be in existence. Either way I will still be turning this into a predominantly video based review site (as well as my tales from the trade stories). The reason it has taken so long (other than my insanely bad habit of procrastinating) is because I have had major tech issues. I finally found the right person to help and we are returning to my own domain. In the meantime I have the privilege of participating in Dangerous Lilly's fundraiser blog hop for 30 bloggers are writing posts on their experiences and/or knowledge of toxic toys and lack of regulations in the sex toy industry in order to raise money to help make the sex toy industry accountable. Dildology is a non affiliated, unbiased, grass roots • organization  that has begun testing questionable sex toys in order to prove just exactly what they are made of. This takes $$- even small donations will help and you can even receive incentives like t-shirts and discount codes!!!
My post goes up on May 27th. Until then you can find the list of links to other posts from participating bloggers at
Below is what I know is not a silicone product - yet is advertised on every website I've found the cockrings in question on as "Silicone Island Cock Rings". Come read my story about it on May 27th!! And thankyou for all being patient with how long it has taken me to get this site going- not there yet but your support helps greatly! 

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