Saturday, 18 May 2013

Spicy Subscriptions is Running an Awesome Giveaway!

There are several 'sex toy box of the month' subscription services and considering that the adult product industry is pretty much divided into three groups (luxury, decent and complete useless maybe even dangerous crap) you are not likely going to get a good deal with most of them. In fact I can see a whole lot of waste in some of those boxes.

Well after watching several videos from Spicy Subscriptions on their Pinterest Page I have decided that these particular ones are comprised of some pretty great stuff. In fact I didn't see anything that would go straight in the garbage!

I love the idea of samples and I always found they were a bit expensive to buy (a clitoral gel sample in a brick and mortar is over $5). When I added up what I know the items I saw cost I got a number higher than the box total before I had even finished adding. Add this to my opinion that their buyer must have quite good product knowledge and the surprise factor and you have a pretty good investment! Certainly would make a fabulous gift and takes the guess work out if you are new to adult products.

Want to know more about Spicy Subscriptions- their products, box choices, shipping etc? Check out the FAQ

The Awesome Deal

This month Spicy Subscriptions is running on a contest and giveaway. The contest is for the bloggers and other people who collect the most Rafflecopter entries. We can win boxes and products!!

The giveaway is for anyone who likes their Facebook page and follows them on twitter and Pinterest. You can win a three month Deluxe Box Subscription- the first of which is 50 Shades Of Grey themed.

To Enter

Just follow the link below and click follow a few times! Couldn't be easier! Entries are only open till thurs the 23rd of May.

Click Here For Spicey Subscriptions Prizes!

By the way, you need to 'like' their Facebook page here !

BONUS: codes for Spicey Subscriptions merchandise:
  • "10off" on all monthly subscriptions (10% off first box)
  • "get1499" for Premium 4 month subscription ($14.99 for first box)
  • "get1999" for Deluxe 4 month subscription ($19.99 for first box)
These are limited time only and will be on until 48 hours after the give-away. 

Good luck everyone and don't forget to follow me too!!!

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