Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sinful Sunday Week 112- This One is Mine

Another installment from my intro to pegging last fall. This is one of my favs due to the size and color- a sportsheets sedeux flare. I LUV this pic because I'm am reclining and holding my new cock- no owning my new cock and I feel a new kind of confidence- a masculine kind of confidence. Once again, not penis envy but cock curiousity- SATISFIED!!!

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  1. I love the perspective on this shot, the contrast between your feminine hands, thighs and stockings and the more masculine strap-on is beautifully done


  2. Now if im not wrong that's a SportSheets Skyn dildon in a Tantus Bend Over harness and its beautiful combination!!
    Love the image soooo much :) smiles in our office!

  3. It's strange, but having a cock in hand does make people more confident. Lovely picture, my wife wants one of these...I think she deserves a new present!

    O x

  4. Lovely... the colours blend so well :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. That's a seriously hot pic of a seriously hot dick, Julie! One of my favourite photos for this month :)

    xx Dee

  6. Really hot angle! You are owning it.

  7. Oh, loud and proud. You look ready for action!!

  8. Makes me wish I had the need for strapons. Dizzyguy isn't interested in pegging. Bummer.

  9. Beautiful picture and a yummy cock you have there! The photo is so vibrant!


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