Monday, 27 May 2013

Sinful Sunday week 111

Sinful SundayMy first Sinful Sunday submission 
Untitled tittilation 
I had this pic taken last fall when I was 30lbs heavier and bragging about how my boobs looked half my age. My smirk is due to finally being able to satisfy what I call 'cock curiousity' with the strap on between my legs. This was my real intro to pegging- I made it look obviously aged because of how much time seems to have passed since then and how aged I feel now that my chest has deflated back to an A cup.

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  1. Welcome to Sinful Sunday!!!! Lovely to have another new contributor this week.

    I love the look in your eye in this picture, you look full of mischief.


  2. That is one sexy picture! You look incredible, and that smirk on your face is very teasing.

  3. I love the old photo effect. You look great!

    Rebel xox

  4. Welcome to Sinful Sunday

    Lovely photograph; very sexy. ;)

  5. Welcome to Sinful Sunday. Love the smirk. Love it all! Looking forward to seeing you back again.

  6. I really love it, especially the naughty look! ;)

  7. I love the smirk. Welcome to Sinful Sunday! Great shot :)


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